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Aeronautical Lights


Obstacle Lights

Obstacle Lights
One light or a group of lights that usually glow in red or white to inform the aircraft in flight of the existence of obstacles.Mounted on the surface of a designated building or a natural formation depending on obstacle height and in accordance with Aviation Law.


Aerodrome Lights

Aerodrome Lights
Facilitated as lighting support for safe takeoff and landing of aircrafts at night or during bad weather, include aerodrome beacon, approach lights, runway lights, taxiway lights, wind direction indicator lights and heliport lights.

Navigational Aid


Navigational aid
General term for lights informing the position of a vessel at sea or indicating the route for entering port as well as radio beacon and direction finding station, fog signal station and other.
Our company produces light wave signals (lighthouses, light buoys, etc.) that use lights, as well as shipping traffic control signal stations using letters for conveying information, and other.