Philosophy & Policy

Corporate Philosophy

Nippon Koki Kogyo Co., Ltd. supports a safe society with light technology and contributes to maintenance as well as improvement of social infrastructure that provides peaceful life.

Quality Policy

Our basic quality policy is the manufacture and provision of ‘the best products fulfilling the needs of our customers and earning their trust’.

Environmental Policy

At Nippon Koki Kogyo Co., Ltd. we acknowledge the environmental impact created by our products as well as related activities we engage in as a company producing and maintaining special illumination devices used for signalization, such as design development, production, sales, installation, adjustment, while our Company implements business activities through consideration of the environment and business as a whole in order to lessen the burden and harmonize with the global environment.

1. Our Company has created an environment management system, which is under continuous improvement through the progress of our achievements.
2. Our Company complies with the environmental laws regulations, and treaties in place domestically, as well as other accepted requirements.
3. When engaging in business activities our Company invests special consideration into the protection of natural resources and the environment.。
4. Prevents pollution of the environment.
5. Sets environmental aims and targets, revises them periodically.
6. Environmental policy is available as a document, implemented and maintained.
7. Our environmental policy is public for our employees or persons who work for our company.
8. This Environmental Policy is available at our website.

How to Achieve SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)

Nippon Koki Kogyo Co., Ltd. ‘supports a safe society with light technology and contributes to maintenance as well as improvement of social infrastructure that provides conditions for life with peace in mind.’ Is considered as our Company’s management philosophy, and in order to provide our contribution to the development of a sustainable society, we progress with the SDGs activities throughout our Company as a whole.

1. Energy conservation, resource conservation, high performance, long life, reuse are at the forefront of our product manufacture.
2. Providing products and services that answer the expectations of our customers, we aim to be a company that has earned customers’ trust.
3. Our Company aims at coexistence and mutual development with all our partners and strives to improve quality as well as productivity.
4. Providing safety and security to our employees, respecting diversity and creative through creation of a easy-to-work environment.